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The Legion of Mitch, Mitchtika
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"Honest Mitch that is what he was know by from his friends, family, and closest club buddies. He has been one, of if not the best tattoo artist in St. Louis. He has done more tattoos in his more than successful life than most tattoo artist do in all of there years in that profession. Mitch was known all over the United States, had friends everywhere in the United States and if he had lived he would have had more because Mitch was a very loving and caring person to all he came across. No matter whether Mitch is alive or passed on his memory will always be around the people he knew and cared about. Mitch we will miss you!"

- Kory

"I just wanted to express my thanks to all the people that helped out in getting things done for my big brother although I wasn't able to make it out there for his funeral. I loved him and will love him and think of him always. again thank you for helping my family when I couldn't be there for them. With all my LOVE AND THOUGHTS your baby sis."

- Karla Mitchell

"I would like to thank everyone for their support and love through this very difficult time. Mitch gave me so many years of happiness. No one could really know the big heart he had until he gave it to you. Mine is broken--Mitch was my love. No one could even begin to fill his shoes. We were going to be married 4th of July weekend this year. Anyone who reads this please take this bit of advise in my pain, dont wait to do the things you feel in your heart you may not have tomorrow."

- Kim (Mrs. Mitch)

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