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The Legion of Mitch, Mitchtika

Mitchell, Michael P.
April 29, 1947 - May 29, 2001
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Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Place of Rest: St. Louis, Missouri

Military Service: U.S. Army ... briefly ... under protest.

Favorite Body Part: Skull

Favorite Candy: Peppermint Hard Candy

Favorite Color: Leather

Favorite Decade: Apparently the '70s, cause he didn't remember a thing about them!

Favorite Food: General Tso's Chicken

Favorite Movie Soundtrack: Lone Star

Favorite Smoke: Depends on the Decade, but usually Salem.

Favorite Pharmaceutical: Viagra and something Charlie Sitton used to slip him ... we never asked.

Favorite Songs: Our Town by Iris Dement and The Falling Leaves by Nat King Cole

Favorite TV Shows: The Waltons, Murder She Wrote, La Femme Nikita and Rockford Files

Famous Recipes: Spicy Chili and Chicken Salad

His Collections: Switchblades, World War II German Militaria, Toenail clippers, Original Artwork, skulls (ABSOLUTELY NO real ones), comic book art, tattoo memrobilia

His Primary Vehicle: Da Harley

His Secondary Vehicle: White "Soccer Mom" Van

Missing Parts: Left leg and Left lung

Favorite Attire: His sun glasses and colors

Business: Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop & Mitch's South Broadway Tatoo Company (both in St. Louis, MO)



April 29.
Michael P. Mitchell enters this world.


El Forastero M.C. secure a club house in St. Louis.


Early May
Mitch is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and is given only 6 months to live.

Tuesday, May 29.
Michael P. (Mitch) Mitchell enters into rest at the age of 54.

Saturday, June 2 @ 10 A.M
Visitation takes place at the Chapel between the hours of 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. The Legionnaires attend as a group and wear newly manufactured armbands contributed by Dan Ashenbrenner and Monica Droege to help commemorate Mitch's passing.

Saturday, June 2 @ 2 P.M.
There is a Legion celebration at Alamo Military Collectables where many of Mitch's close friends and relatives gather to be together in these emotional times. As tradition, there is a pot of chili and sausage. Many memories are shared. And although there are many quiet moments, they are always broken with laughter, as was Mitch's way.

Sunday, June 3 @ 2 P.M.
Memorial services are held at the Hoffmeister Broadway Fitzgerald Chapel, 7814 South Broadway. Fast Eddie provides a brief, but stirring eulogy which concludes "Vaya Con Dios, Brother." Upon completion of the eulogy, one of Mitch's favorite ballads is played. It is Tears in Heaven by Eric Claption (believed to be a live version from the album eric claption: unplugged on the Reprise label.

Sunday, June 3 @ 3 P.M.
Over 100 M.C.ers are in attendance from throughout the country representing many clubs to include: El Forastero, Gallapin' Goose, Avengers, Hells Angels, the Invaders, Mad Dogs, the Saddle Tramps, the Statesmen and the Vietnam Vets MC. They take a 30-minute memorial ride, despite driving rain, from the Chapel, past both Mitch's Tattoo shops and finally complete the ride at the El Forastero club house. The memorial ride is lead by Mitch's son, Michael R. Mitchell riding his father's steed.

Sunday, June 3 @ 3:30 P.M.
The memorial ride terminates at the El Forastero club house. Mitch's ashes are placed on the bar. Food and drink are had by all. And a short memory book is provided that includes this poem: The Dash, a poem by Linda Ellis of Linda's Lyrics.

Wednesday, October 11 3 @ 12:16:38 A.M.
The One Month Anniversary of the Terrorist Attack on America

The Legion of Mitch web site receives a request from Linda Ellis, author of the poem The Dash to remove the poem from our online memorial.

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